Milestone Gallery

Below you'll find three examples of galleries provided to clients, that are representative of my session options: simple, classic, and deluxe. Keep in mind, the photos I show here may not be all inclusive of the gallery delivered to the client, but as listed here it is a good representation of what you may receive if you purchase the package. Take a look at these cute little guys and gals, and let me know what you're imagining to celebrate your sweet one's milestones, whatever age they are!

Simple Milestone

The simple milestone package is perfect if you want a few beautiful photographs to commemorate your little one's growth, to hang on your wall, send out to family, put in your baby's album, and cherish for a lifetime. Simple is the perfect explanation of what this package is: it includes 10 images of your child in my studio, with up to two outfits, and two backdrops coordinated with your style.

Classic Milestone

The classic milestone package gives parents a fun gallery that celebrates your child's latest milestone with 20 images and a professionally baked, one-layer buttercream cake in color chosen by client.. This is perfect for the parents who love classic colors and understated designs, and a fun shoot to do with one year olds, toddlers and young kids.

Deluxe Milestone

The deluxe cake smash package has it all: 2 outfits, balloons plus decor (chosen from my studio or provided by client), a single layer buttercream cake decorated to match your theme, bathtub cleanup photos, and 30 images. Keep in mind, a cake isn't a necessity of these sessions (I've done watermelon, tacos, and spaghetti!) and the theme is only limited by your imagination. A lot of parents provide their own props to really suit their style and achieve the perfect setup they always imagined! (Peep the rock cake session & the spaghetti smash in the slideshow at the top!)