Newborn Gallery

Below you'll find three examples of galleries provided to clients, that are representative of my session options: simple, classic, and deluxe. Keep in mind, the photos I show here may not be all inclusive of the gallery delivered to the client, but as listed here it is a good representation of what you may receive if you purchase the package. Take a look at these beautiful new babies and their overjoyed parents, and I know you'll be ready to book your own session in no time.

Simple Newborn

The simple newborn package is perfect if you want some beautiful photographs of your little one to hang on your wall, send out to family, and cherish for a lifetime. Simple is the perfect explanation of what this package is: it includes 10 wrapped images of baby with a color palette of your choice that we will plan before your session, meant to fit your taste and home.

Classic Newborn

The classic newborn package gives new parents a lot of options, and comes with 20 digital images of their beautiful little one in both an outfit and wraps. It also includes photos of the new parents with their bundle of joy! Below is a sample of what your classic newborn gallery might look like. Keep in mind, you're always welcome to bring your own accessories and mementos for the session: keep an eye out for this mama's sash that she wore around her waist with her wedding dress!

Deluxe Newborn

The deluxe newborn package has it all: newborn wrapped and outfit poses, photos with parents, and photos with older siblings if they new arrival is the youngest in the family! Everything is suited to your taste, so we'll talk leading up to your session about your goals for the photos, the color palette you prefer, and if there's anything you're dying to do! Below is a sample of what your deluxe newborn gallery might look like. Keep in mind, this package comes with 30 images, in both color and black and white.